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NVIDIA’s Acquisition of Arm; What are the Consequences?

On 13 September 2020, NVIDIA announced that it will be acquiring Arm for $40 billion. As you might know, Arm is powering lots of devices including most smartphones, and its open-licensing policy and unrivaled performance at low power applications have attracted all kinds of customers worldwide. However, analysts are suggesting that this deal could be the Arm’s downfall thus it might also trigger a boost for Arm’s competitor, RISC-V.


The Good Old 6502 Microprocessor, But 7000x Bigger!

The MOS 6502 was revolutionary, it was used in several famous commercial products, for instance, Apple I or Atari 800. It has been fully reverse engineered at transistor level and you can simulate it on your computer right now! But one thing was missing, a life-sized 6502 microprocessor made up of discrete surface mount transistors, but that’s not the case anymore!